Rock & Heavy Metal on vinyl albums from 1980s, of band-names starting with the letter "S"

  This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

Noise International – N 0132-1

SABBAT - Dreamweaver New Web-Page  

"Dreamweaver" is Sabbat's second and before last official full-length record and was released in 1989.

NOISE International N 0098 / 08-4455 / LC 9066s

SABBAT - History of a Time to Come (Germany)

"History Of a Time To Come" Is the debut full-length album by the British thrash metal band Sabbat.

ACCORD 100.801

SABBAT - History of a Time to Come (1988, France)

RoadRacer RO 9431 1

SACRED REICH - Alive At The Dynamo OIS (1989)

is an EP from Sacred Reich, a thrash metal band from Arizona, United States. It was recorded at the Dynamo Open Air Festival in Eindhoven, Holland, in May 1989.

Metal Blade Records RR 9578
SACRED REICH - Ignorance
SACRED REICH - Ignorance (1987) 1987Holland
Roadrunner RR 9512

SACRED REICH - Surf Nicaragua (1988)New Web-Page 

"Surf Nicaragua" by the American Thrash Metal band "Sacred Reich" is an EP (Extended Play) record. It contains six tracks, including a cover of the "Black Sabbath" song "War Pigs" and two live tracks.

Roadrunner RR 9595 / Fringe Product / Diabolic Force Production

Sacrifice Forward to Termination 12" vinyl LP

SACRIFICE (CAN) - Forward to Termination (1987)

Sacrifice is a Canadian thrash metal band from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed by guitarists Rob Urbinati and Joe Rico in 1983. Sacrifice played a prominent role in the '80s underground metal scene in Toronto, and grew to release four studio albums before parting ways in 1993.

Sacrifice (CH) - Gates of Time 12" Maxi-single
Suisse SACRIFICE (CH) - Gates of Time 12" Maxi-single (1984)


Suisse SACRIFICE (CH) - On The Altar of Rock (1984)
Under One Flag FLAG 15
SACRILEGE - Within the Prophecy
SACRILEGE - Within the Prophecy (1987)
IMF LP 377.0024.1
IMF LP 377.0024.1

SACROSANCT - Recesses for the Depraved (1991)




SAMHAIN - Samhain at Dancetown, NYC 1985

Recorded live at Danceteria, NYC, February 19, 1985

Sammy Hagar - Musical Chairs    
Sammy Hagar - Nine on a Ten Scale    
Geffen 924 144 / WX 114

Sammy Hagar - s/t self-titled

This is the 1st Issue of SAMMY HAGAR later issues of this album have been renamed into "I Never Said Goodbye"


Geffen Records GHS 2006


SAMMY HAGAR - Standing Hampton

Standing Hampton is the Sammy Hagar solo album, his first after moving from Capitol Records to Geffen. Five of its singles charted in either the mainstream rock or pop singles charts.



original USA vinyl pressing

Geffen Records GEF 85456 (GHS 2006) LC 7726



SAMMY HAGAR - Standing Hampton

Trivia: Sammy has said that he was originally going to title this album "One Way To Rock". It was a British fan who told him of the term that came to be the title. In Cockney rhyming slang, a "Hampton" is a term for a penis. One that is "Standing", of course, would be a reference to an erection. This led to the album cover art that shows a gentleman greeting a woman in various states of undress.

1981 Hoilland

East Memphis Music Corp / Time Music, Capitol 8511


SAMMY HAGAR - Sittin on the Dock of the Bay

This the song originally written by soul singer Otis Redding and guitarist Steve Cropper. This is Sammy Hagar's cover of this song

1979 USA
Sammy Hagar - Street Machine    

Geffen Records GHS 24043



VOA is the last solo album Sammy Hagar released before joining Van Halen . Around the same time Sammy Hagar joined Van Halen, guitarist Gary Pihl joined Boston. The title is a reference to the Voice of America broadcast network.



original USA vinyl pressing

Samson featuring Bruce Dickinson - Head Tactics

SAMSON Recordings on Vinyl albums

Ebony Records EBON 24

SAMURAI - Sacred Blade (1984, England)

This album "SAMURAI - Sacred Blade" is the debut/first full length album by this NWOBHM band



EPIC E 45085
SANCTUARY - Into the Mirror Black  

SANCTUARY - Into the Mirror Black (1990, USA)

"Into the Mirror Black" is the second album by the band Sanctuary, who disbanded in 1991 (partially reforming as Nevermore). 

EPIC EPC 460811
Sanctuary - Refuge Denied . Refuge Denied is the debut album by the band Sanctuary,  

SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied . (1987)

"Refuge Denied" is the debut album by the band Sanctuary,
This was the first and last album to feature extremely high pitched, layered vocals from vocalist Warrel Dane.

Santana - Abraxas Gatefold Cover

SANTANA Complete LP Discography

NEAT 1012


SATAN Court in The Act UK NEAT (1983, UK)

"Court in the Act" is the first official full-length album by the British (NWOBHM) Heavy Metal band: SATAN.

Steamhammer – SH 0069

SATAN - Suspended Sentence ( 1987 Germany )New Web-Page 

"Suspended Sentence" was SATAN's last album before they changed their band-name in "Pariah".

Black Vertigo 812 035

SATAN JOKERS - Les Fils du Metal


SATAN JOKERS - Les Fils du Metal (1983, France)

CBS 466663


Made in Switzerland SATROX - Heaven Sent (1990, Switzerland)

"Heaven Sent" is the first (debut) album my this Swiss Metal band




SATYRICON - Live In Stockholm   is an unofficial recording of this Norwegian Black Metal band

SATYRICON - Live In Stockholm

is an unofficial recording of this Norwegian Black Metal band

2002 UK

Moonfog FOGLP031

SATYRICON - Volcano 2LP coloured vinyl  is the fifth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. It was released on 25 October 2002, through Moonfog Productions. The album is one of the band's more successful records, having won several awards including the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album,

SATYRICON - Volcano 2LP coloured vinyl

is the fifth studio album by Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. It was released on 25 October 2002, through Moonfog Productions. The album is one of the band's more successful records, having won several awards including the Norwegian Grammy for Best Metal Album,


Zebra records , AXE Killer 7002


SAVAGE - We got the Edge / Running Scared / She Don't Need You 1984


original french pressing

Black Dragon Records BD 012

SAVAGE GRACE - After The Fall From Grace ( 1986, France )

The title of the album has been printed in embossed gold lettering


Black Dragon BD 001

nude woman tight to a motorcycle

SAVAGE GRACE - Master of Disguise

Savage Grace is a Power/Speed Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA. During the 1980s they have been active from 1981 until 1991. After the release of the EP "The Dominatress" in 1984, "Master of Disguise" was released in 1985 and was their first official full-length recording.

This is the first album released by the record label: "Black Dragon".

Polydor 2459 326
Savage Rose - In The Plain  
SAVAGE ROSE - In The Plain (1969)
Polydor 2459 326
Savage Rose - In The Plain  
SAVAGE ROSE - In The Plain (1969)

SAVATAGE - Discography on Vinyl

Mausoleum SKULL 8387

New Entry SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records) (1985)

This album "SCAVENGER - Battlefields (Belgium, Mausoleum Skull records)" is the only album released by this Belgian Heavy Metal band.

CRIME Records CR 002

SCHIZO - Main Frame Collapse 1st pressing (1989, Italy)

"Main Frame Collapse" is the first official full-length album by the Italian Death/Thrash Metal band "Schizo". It has been released in 1989 as a limited edition of 3000 copies. This limited edition can be recognized by it's "matte" album cover, the tracklisting is as one section on the left side of the album cover, the photo of the brain is placed on the upper half of the back cover.

Roadrunner Records / Metal Blade Records – RR 9502 1

SCHOOL OF VIOLENCE – We The People...? ( 1988 Netherlands / Europe ) New Web-Page  

 The album "We The People" is the only official album ever released by the "School of Violence" band

SCORPIONS Complete Discography

Big Beat WEA 240 650 / WX 16


"The Screaming Blue Messiahs" were a rock band, formed in 1983 in London by Bill Carter (vocals and guitar), Chris Thompson (bass guitar and vocals) and Kenny Harris (drums) in the wake of the pub rock and punk scenes that had been so predominant on the UK capital's live music circuit during the late '70s/ early '80s.

1985 Germany

WEA 240 791 / WX 41



This album "Gun-shy" is the 2nd full length album by the English Rock band: Screaming Blue Messiahs


Chrysalis CHR 1665

SEAHAGS - S/T Self-Titled 1989 England

SEPULTURA Vinyl Records Discography

Illuminated Records ILLL 112
Sex-Gang Children - Beasts

Sex-Gang Children - Beasts (1982)

"The Sex Gang Children" were originally called "Panic Button". The name "Sex Gang Children" was taken from a William Burroughs novel by Malcolm McLaren as a possible name for the band that became Bow Wow Wow and was one of the names that Boy George went through before choosing "Culture Club". SGC vocalist Andi Sexgang tried to persuade George to use the name, but when Culture Club drummer Jon Moss passed on the idea, Andi decided that the name should not go to waste.

Sex Pistols - Anarchy Worldwide

SEX PISTOLS - Early vinyl records

GWR Records – GWLP 48

New Entry SGM - Agression (1989, UK)

The SGM is a crossover/thrash metal band from Seatle, WA , they have been active from 1986 until 1990 and have released one official album called "Agression". This album SGM's "Agression" has been produced by Jack Endino, whi worked on seminal albums from bands such as Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Nirvana

Ferret / Lifeforce 1205

SHADOWS FALL The Art of Balance (2000)

Shadows Fall is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1995. They are one of the few contemporary metal bands who take their lyrical influence from Eastern philosophy and some references to the Rastafari culture. Although the band has experienced several line-up changes, for most of its recording career Shadows Fall has been composed of Brian Fair (vocals), Jonathan Donais (lead guitar), Matt Bachand (guitar), Paul Romanko (bass), and Jason Bittner (drums).

Equal Vision Records EVR 17
SHIFT Pathos

SHIFT - Pathos

 This album "SHIFT Pathos" has only one side of the record recorded  

JET Records 460756

SHOGUN - 31 Days (1987)

SHOGUN is a NWOBHM band created from a couple of ex-Tokyo Blade band. This album is entitled "31 Days" because that's how long they were given to start and finish it.

I.R.S ILP 4604521
Shok Paris - Steel and Starlight

SHOK PARIS - Steel and Starlight (1987)

"Steel and Starlight" is the 2nd official full-length album, released by the American Heavy Metal band "Shok Paris". "Steel and Starlight" was released three years after their debug album "Go for the Throat" and was produced by "Denny Nowak" and "Bill Peters".

SHOREBREAK Path of Survival

SHOREBREAK - Path of Survival

Spanish Hardcore Metal

Arista 207 206

SHRIEKBACK - Oil and Gold


SHRIEKBACK - Oil and Gold (1985)

"Oil & Gold", is the third full-length Shriekback album, is widely considered the band's highest moment. Released in 1985 on Island Records after the failure of 1984's Jam Science on Arista Records, "Oil & Gold" saw the band metamorphose from contemplative to rocking. The addition of Martyn Barker on drums and Lu Edmonds on guitar gives many of the songs an almost punk rock feeling.

RCA PL90361
Silent Rage

SILENT RAGE - Don‘t Touch me There (1989)

Atlantic 782 006

SILENT RUNNING - Deep (1989)

Emerging from the Belfast punk scene , "The Setz" changed musical direction in 1982 and re-named themselves "Silent Running".

Atlantic 781 797 SILENT RUNNING - Walk on Fire (1987)
Noise N 0101-1
Sinner - Dangerous Charm  
SINNER - Dangerous Charm (1987)


SINNER Touch of Sin

New EntrySINNER - Touch of Sin (1985, Germany)

This album "SINNER Touch of Sin" is the 4th full length album by this band.

The album "Touch of Sin" by "Sinner" was recorded June-July 1985 at the Soundhouse (Soundhaus) studio in Hamburg, Germany. Sound engineering was in the hands of Dirk Steffens. Matt Sinner. Dirk Steffens took care of the production, while Karl-Ulrich Walterbach was the executive producer.

Sisters of Mercy - Floodland    
Polydor POLS-1056
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Once Upon a Time "The Singles"

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Once Upon a Time "The Singles"

"Once Upon a Time: The Singles" is Siouxsie and the Banshees's 1981 compilation album featuring the band's UK single releases to date. The album featured several songs that had been released as singles yet had not appeared on any of the Banshees' four albums.

1981 UK

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Spellbound 7" PS Single

This is the song recorded by British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1981. The track was written by the Banshees and co-produced with Nigel Gray. It was the first single released from the Banshees' fourth album Juju.



SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - This Wheel's on Fire 12" Maxi

Wonderland 838-474

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES - Through The Looking Glass

"Through the Looking Glass" is the eighth studio album from Siouxsie and the Banshees containing cover versions of songs written and originally performed by other artists.

1986 Germany
Polydor 829 446
SKAGARACK - S/T Self-Titled

SKAGARACK - S/T Self-Titled (1986)

Skagarack is the self-titled debut album by the Danish rock band with the same name.

Foundation 2000 – FDN 8215

SKELETAL EARTH - Eulogy for Dying Fetus(1991, Netherlands)

"Eulogy for a Dying Fetus" is the first official full-length album by the Death metal band: "Skeletal Earth".

  SKID ROW - S/T Self-Titled

White Label Virgin VS 262

SKIDS - Masquerade / Out of Town 7" PS Single

Skids were an art-punk/punk rock and new wave band from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, founded in 1977 by Stuart Adamson

  SLADE - Pub Collection
Slayer - Christ Illusion Red Vinyl . Christ Illusion includes the Grammy Award-winning songs "Eyes of the Insane" and "Final Six", and is the band's first studio album to feature original drummer Dave Lombardo since 1990's Seasons in the Abyss. SLAYER - Vinyl LP's Collection Information

SIRE 1-25-269

SMITHS - Meat is Murder

This is the second studio album by the English alternative rock band The Smiths. It was released in February 1985 and became the band's sole number one album in the UK charts during the band's lifetime,

1985 USA
Roadrunner RR 9725
S.O.D Stormtroopers of Death - Speak English Or Die

S.O.D Stormtroopers of Death - Speak English Or Die .(1985)

Speak English or Die is the first album by the thrash/hardcore band Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.).

After Anthrax finished recording Spreading the Disease, there still was some studio time left, so Scott Ian and Charlie Benante called some friends, practiced some songs, and recorded it all within a week.

SODOM Completed vinyl lp discography

Barclay 0920 082
SOFT MACHINE - S/T Self-Titled Barclay France

SOFT MACHINE - S/T Self-Titled Barclay France

"The Soft Machine" is the debut album by the British psychedelic rock band "Soft Machine", one of the central bands in the Canterbury scene. The band, founded in 1966, recorded and released this studio album during their 1968 tour of the USA.

1968 France
Barclay 0921019
SOFT MACHINE - Super Group Vol 2 Rivmic Melodies

SOFT MACHINE - Super Group Vol 2 Rivmic Melodies

"Volume Two" is the LP by The Soft Machine, first released in 1969. A jazz influence is introduced to the humour, dadaism, and psychedelia of The Soft Machine

1969 France
Barclay 920 224
SOFT MACHINE - Third 2LP Gatefold

SOFT MACHINE - Third 2LP Gatefold

Third is the 1970 double LP by "Soft Machine", with each side of the original vinyl consisting of a single long composition. Its music explores the emerging jazz fusion of the type present on Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, which was released just a few months earlier.

1970 France
Barclay XBLY 080 439 U
SOFT MACHINE - Soft Machine Fourth Textured cover

SOFT MACHINE - Soft Machine Fourth Textured cover

Fourth is the 1971 studio album by the Canterbury band "Soft Machine". The album is also titled Four or 4 in the USA; the numeral "4" is the title as shown on the cover in all countries, but a written-out title appears on the spine and label. This was the group's first all-instrumental album, although their previous album Third had almost completed the band's move in this direction toward instrumental jazz, and a complete abandonment of their original self-presentation as a psychedelic pop group, or progressive rock group.

1971 France

Souatt SQ 461932 Pwwemusic

SOLDAT LOUIS - S/T Self-Titled


SONIC SOUNDS - Crazyhead / Pop Will Eat Itself / Georgia Satellites / Jack Rubies 7" EP


SONIC SOUNDS 3 - Head / Happy Mondays / The Triffids / Stump 7" EP

Divine Comedy Records DC 030
Sonne Hagal Tarja et Aud 7" Picture Disc
Sonne Hagal Tarja et Aud 7" Picture Disc
Sopor Aeternus - La Chambre d'Echo Anna Varney
SORROW - Forgotten Sunrise SORROW - Forgotten Sunrise

Steam Hammer SH 0036

SORTILÈGE - Hero's Tears (1986)

Devil's Records DLS 584
SORTILÈGE - Metamorphose
SORTILÈGE - Metamorphose(1984)

Rave-On Records – RMLP-003

New Entry SORTILÈGE - Self-Titled (EP) (1983, Netherlands)

This album "SORTILEGE - Self-Titled "is the first record released by the French Heavy Metal band: Sortilege

The evolution/history of the French Heavy Metal band "Sortilège" starts late 1980 when "Stéphane Dumont" and "Didier Demajean" (both are schoolmates) form the band "Blood Wave". Soon after they are joined by "Jean-Philippe Dumont" and in October 1981 "Daniel Lapp" joins them to make the "Blood Wave" band complete. In January 1983 the name of this band is changed into "Sortilège". "Sortilège" breaks up early 1987 and Stephane and Jean-Philippe Dumont continue in the band "Bouche de Vieille" followed by "Bliss" in 1992.

A&M Records 540 526
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside Clear Vinyl 2LP . "Down on the Upside" is the fifth and final studio album by Soundgarden. It was released on May 21, 1996

Soundgarden - Down on the Upside Clear Vinyl 2LP .

"Down on the Upside" is the fifth and final studio album by Soundgarden. It was released on May 21, 1996


SOUNDS MACHINE - Steve Earle / McCarthy / A House / Hothouse Flowers EP 7" PS Single (1987)



SOUND WAVES 1 - Motherhead / Stupids / Kreator / Celtic Frost 7" EP (1988)



SOUND WAVES 2 - Jesus and Mary Chain / Head of David / Faith No More / The Godfathers 7" EP (1988)