JIMI HENDRIX ( Rock / Blues , usa ) Vinyl DISCOGRAPHY

This is the complete vinyl discography of Jimi Hendrix and lists all albums of Jimi Hendrix released on vinyl LP, click on the links of the album-name to see the complete details of each record

Album Front Cover Photo of JIMI HENDRIX
Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

Barclay XBLY 80 581, Panache License Yameta

New Web-page  JIMI HENDRIX - Are You Experienced?

This verson of "Are You Experienced" is from the independent Barclay Records in France, which produced a completely different cover featuring a photo of Hendrix performing on a recent French TV show, surrounded by "psychedelic" painted, swirling graphics;

1967 France

Barclay 0820167 , Panache , License Yameta

JIMI HENDRIX - Axis Bold As Love

"Axis: Bold as Love" is the second studio album by "The Jimi Hendrix Experience". Under pressure from their record company to follow-up the successful debut of their May 1967 album "Are You Experienced". The album was recorded to fulfill the band's contract, which stated that they must produce two albums in 1967. Even so, it was not released in the USA until 1968 due to fears that it might disturb the sales of the first album.

1967 France
 Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys    

Barclay 0920221

JIMI HENDRIX - Band of Gypsys France Barclay

This is the French edition of Jimi Hendrix's "Band of Gypsys", released on the Barclays Record Label with different cover photographs 

1970 France

Music For Pleasure Ltd MFP 50053

JIMI HENDRIX - The Birth of Success Recorded Live

The Birth of Success Recorded Live was produced by Ed Chalpin with live tapes of Curtis Knight and the Squires incl Jimi Hendrix.



Blues, Soul, Rock

Polydor 2480 027
JIMI HENDRIX - Cry of Love

JIMI HENDRIX - Cry of Love

This album "JIMI HENDRIX - Cry of Love" is a posthumous fourth studio album by American musician Jimi Hendrix, released in February 1971

1971 Germany

Polydor 2310269

JIMI HENDRIX - Electric Ladyland Original UK Nudity Cover

This is the s Polydor International album release cover, controversially, with a photo of group of nude women, which was replaced after Experience Hendrix took control of Hendrix' recordings.

1968 UK / England

 Polydor – 823 359-2

Price 59€


JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - Electric Ladyland ( 2CD, 1984 Germany ) For Sale  

This CD Album "Electric Ladyland" is the third official full-length album by the British/American Rock band: "The Jimi Hendrix Experience". The album cover with 19 nude women was considered controversial at the time.

Barclay 0920069 Super Panache

JIMI HENDRIX - Electric Ladyland France Barclay

"Electric Ladyland" is the third and final album of new material by the Jimi Hendrix Experience. It is the only Hendrix studio album professionally produced under his supervision.

1968 France
Track Record 613 010
Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Part 1    
Jimi Hendrix - Eternal Fire with Curtis Knight    
Jimi Hendrix - Experience Movie Soundtrack
New Web-page   Jimi Hendrix - Experience Movie Soundtrack    

DIsques Esperance ESP 155503

JIMI HENDRIX FEAT. CURTIS KNIGHT France - Dawn of Jimi Hendrix    

Musique Festival Album 204


JIMI HENDRIX - Genius of Jimi Hendrix Original Sessions

This Genius is a double lp of his early sessions

 Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe    
Barclay 80.448

JIMI HENDRIX - Hendrix In The West

"Hendrix in the West" is a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix,


Experience Hendrix – 88697 77225 1

JIMI HENDRIX - Live at Woodstock (2010, Europe)

This is a beautifully packaged three-lp set with Jimi Hendrix Live performances at the Woodstock 1969 Pop Festival

 Jimi Hendrix - Lonnie Youngblood    
Jimi Hendrix - Moods

2-Color Atlantic 940.056, XBLY 940.056

JIMI HENDRIX OTIS REDDING - Monterey International Pop Festival 1967 France
Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge    

TRACK Record 613 004


is a compilation of singles by The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the very first compilation album for Jimi Hendrix


Gt Britain

original UK / GB vinyl pressing

Reprise REP 64017

JIMI HENDRIX - Sound Track Recordings from the Film

This album "JIMI HENDRIX - Sound Track Recordings from the Film " is the soundtrack to the 1973 documentary film, Jimi Hendrix and the second live album by him.

193 Germany


Reprise records 9362-45438


JIMI HENDRIX - Stone Free a tribute

This is a 1993 album recorded by various artists in tribute to Jimi Hendr

1993 Germany
 Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile Live Experience 1967-1968    

Barclay 80467

JIMI HENDRIX - War Heroes France Barclay

This album "JIMI HENDRIX War Heroes" War Heroes is the posthumous sixth studio album by American guitarist Jimi Hendrix, released on October 1 and December 1972 in the United Kingdom and the United States respectively.

1972 France

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Bands

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title
Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix
Purple Fox - Jimi Hendrix Hits