Eurythmics - Touch Promo 12" vinyl lp

Collector's info: 

Photography: Peter Ashworth, Brian Aris. Cover design Andrew Christian

Produced by David A. Stewart. Engineer: Jon Bavin

Music Genre:
Pop Music 
Album Packaging / Information:
Original custom inner sleeve with album details, and photos. 
Label Information:
RCA PL 70109 DMM Direct Metal Mastering
Media Format:
12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 
Year & Country:
1983 Made in West Germany

Album cover photos of : Eurythmics - Touch

Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo Eurythmics - Touch Promo  
Photo of inner sleeve

High Resolution Photo Eurythmics - Touch Promo

High Resolution Photo Eurythmics - Touch Promo  

Band Members and Musicians on: Eurythmics - Touch

  • Ann Lennox
  • Dick Cuthell
  • Dean Garcia
  • Martin Dobson
  • Dave Stewart

Track Listing of: Eurythmics - Touch

    Side One:
  1. Here comes the rain again
  2. Regrets
  3. Right by Your Side
  4. Cool Blue
  5. Who's That Girl
    Side Two:
  1. The First Cut
  2. Aqua
  3. No Fear No Hate No Pain (no broken Hearts)
  4. Paint a Rumour