Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP


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Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Inner Cover  
Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP  
Photo of Album's Inner Cover  
Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP  
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Beatles 1967-1970 Italy 12" Vinyl LP  
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Beatles Collector's info:   Gatefold (FOC) cover design with photos of the Beatles on the inside cover

1967–1970 (widely known as "The Blue Album") is a compilation of songs by the British rock band The Beatles, spanning the years indicated in the title. It was released in 1973 with 1962–1966 ("The Red Album"), which covered their earlier period. 1967–1970 made #1 on the American Billboard chart and #2 on the British Album Chart. This album was re-released in September 1993 on compact disc, charting at #4 in the United Kingdom.

The album "1967–1970 (widely known as "The Blue Album")" was compiled by Beatles manager Allen Klein, with his selections approved by the Beatles themselves. Songs performed by the Beatles as solo artists were also considered for inclusion, but like the cover songs on 1962–1966, limited space resulted in this idea having to be abandoned.

As with 1962–1966, this compilation was produced by Apple/EMI at least partially in response to a bootleg collection titled Alpha Omega, which had been sold on television the previous year. Print advertising for the two records made a point of declaring them "the only authorized collection of the Beatles."

Music Genre:
UK Beat Pop Music  
Production information:
Produced by George Martin
Record Label:  EMI Apple 3C 188-05309
Record Format 12" Double LP 
Year & Country  1973 Made in Italy

Band Members and Musicians on: Beatles 1967-1970

    The Beatles band-members are :
  • John Lennon
  • Paul McCartney
  • George Harrison
  • RIngo Starr

Track Listing of: Beatles 1967-1970

The Song/tracks on "Beatles 1967-1970" are

    Side One:
  1. Strawberry Fields Forever
  2. Penny Lane
  3. Stg Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  4. With a Little Help from my Friends
  5. Lucy in the Sky with Diamons
  6. A Day in the Life
  7. All You Need is Love
    Side Two:
  1. I Am The Walrus
  2. Hello Goodbey
  3. The Fool On The Hill
  4. Magical Mystery Tour
  5. Lady Madonna
  6. Hey Jude
  7. Revolution
    Side Three:
  1. Back in the U.S.S.R
  2. While my Guitar Gently Sweeps
  3. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
  4. Get Back
  5. Don't Let Me Down
  6. The Ballad of John and Yoko
  7. Old Brown Shoe
    Side Four:
  1. Here Comes The Sun
  2. Come Together
  3. Something
  4. Octopus's Garden
  5. Let It be
  6. Across the Universe
  7. The Long and Winding Road