Collectors information / Album Description: 

"Under the Moonlight we Kiss" is the first full length album recorded by the German Melodic Black Metal band: "Ancient Ceremony"

Music Genre:  Melodic Black Metal 
Album Production information:

This album was recorded in September/October '96. "Under Moonlight We Kiss" and was released on the 01.09.97 through CACOPHONOUS (Nihil 21 CD)

Label Information:  CACOPHONOUS
Packaging Format: Jewelcase CD
Year & Country  1997 UK / England

Band Members and Musicians on: Ancient Ceremony - Under Moonlight We Kiss

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Chris Anderle Vocals
  • F.J. Krebs Guitars
  • Dirk Wirz Guitars
  • Stefan Müller Keyboards
  • Christoph Mertes Drums

Track Listing of: "Ancient Ceremony - Under Moonlight We Kiss"

The Songs/tracks on "Ancient Ceremony - Under Moonlight We Kiss" are

  1. Eternal Goddess 02:12
  2. Her Ebony Slumber 04:15
  3. Shadows of the Undead 06:41
  4. Vampyre's Birth 00:33
  5. Thy Beauty in Candlelight 04:58
  6. Veil of Desire 01:49
  7. Secrets Under Blackened Sky 04:27
  8. Dulcet Seduction 04:21
  9. Angel's Bloody Tears 06:31
  10. New Eden Embraces 03:28
  11. Pale Nocturnal Majesty 03:00
  12. Under Moonlight We Kiss 03:01