Rock & Heavy Metal on vinyl albums from 1980s, of band-names starting with the letter "V"

This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

Hot Blood 941385

Vampyr - Cry Out For Metal

VAMPYR - Cry Out For Metal (1983, Germany)

VAMPYR is a Heavy Metal band from Ulm, Germany and was founded in 1983. This band has been active from 1983 until 1988 and has released one official full-length album called "Cry Out For Metal".

Durium D. AI 30-420

Vanadium - Born to Fight

VANADIUM - Born to Fight (1986, Italy)

Italian Heavy Metal at it's best

SABAM / Mausoleum Records SKULL 8306

VANADIUM - Metal Rock (1982, Belgium)

is the first /debut) album by the Italian Heavy Metal band Vanadium



ZYX Metal 45008 

VANADIUM - On Streets of Danger Live FOC Gatefold (1985

Vanadium recorded live in Paris on Tour with Trust in December 1984

ATCO 79-0121

VANDENBERG - Heading for a Storm

is by the Dutch hard rock band Vandenberg was released in 1983 on Atco Records. The painting on the album cover is made by Adrian Vandenberg.


ATCO ATC 50 904

New Entry VANDENBERG - Vandenberg (self-titled)( 1982, Netherlands)

Vandenberg was a Dutch hard rock band named after guitarist Ad "Adje" van den Berg (a.k.a. Adrian Vandenberg) This album "VANDENBERG - S/T Self-Titled" is the debut album by the Dutch Hard Rock band Vandenberg, released in 1982 on Atco Records and reaching #1 on the American Billboard charts the album spawned one single: the power ballad "Burning Heart"

ATCO ATC 50 904



VANDENBERG - S/T Self-Titled (1982, Germany)


VAN HALEN - LP Discography VAN HALEN - LP Discography
The Vanilla Fudge - Fur Elise / Moonlight Sonata
The Vanilla Fudge - Fur Elise / Moonlight Sonata 7" PS Single 1986 France

White ATCO SD 33-224

Vanilla Fudge - S/T Self-Titled .

Vanilla Fudge (Atco 33-224) is the first album by the American psychedelic rock band Vanilla Fudge. It was released in 1967 and consists entirely of covers of songs, which were slowed down to about half speed of the original recordings by their original artists.

1968 Canada

Green Warner Bros Records WB 46 172

VAN MORRISON - Saint Dominic's Preview

"Saint Dominic's Preview" is the sixth solo album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. It was released in July 1972 by Warner Bros. Records. Rolling Stone declared it "the best-produced, most ambitious Van Morrison record yet released."

1972 Germany

Bellaphon BI 15103



This album "VAN MORRISON - T.B. Sheets" is a retrospective album of recordings made in 1967 by Northern Irish musician Van Morrison.

1973 Germany

Warner Bros WS 1950

VAN MORRISON - Tupelo Honey

This album "VAN MORRISON - Tupelo Honey" Tupelo Honey is the fifth solo album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. Van Morrison had written all of the songs on the album in Woodstock, New York before his move to Marin County, California, except for "You're My Woman", which he wrote during the recording sessions.

1971 USA

Bellaphon BI 15118

VAN MORRISON - S/T Self-Titled

VAN MORRISON - S/T Self-Titled   Germany

White Label LOGO Records LOGO 1026

VARDIS - The World's Insane

VARDIS - The World's Insane

is the first full length studio album by Vardis



original UK / GB vinyl pressing

Undercover Records

VARGSANG - Call Of The Nightwolves

this is the solo project by Vargsang after leaving the band Graven.


Half Ass Recordings HA 001

VA VARIOUS ARTISTS Always Catching Snot In The Wind(1988, USA)

This album "VA VARIOUS ARTISTS Always Catching Snot In The Wind" is a split compilation album with unreleased tracks by "Malicious Grind", RMSD, "Fuck It", "Maniacal Genocide", "The Douche Lords" and Mortis

CLAY 105


VA VARIOUS - Driven to Death (England)

a great compilation with 20 Punk Rock tracks


Mausoleum Records – TEST 128317

VA Various Artists - If It's Loud, We're Proud (1983, Belgium)

This split/compilation mini-album contains unreleased tracks of three great Belgian Heavy Metal bands: Killer, Crossfire and Ostrogoth.

EMC 3318 / 0C 062 - 07 202

VA Various Artists - Metal for Muthas Iron Maiden

This is the first record of a series "Metal for Muthas" compilation LP's, it contains tracks a sampling of starting or well-known NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) bands.

1980 UK

Kastle Killers KKLP 103


This album "Metal Inferno" is a compilation of early 80s Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal.. which includes bands like Venom, Demon, Angel WItch etc.

SteamHammer SH 0064
Speed Metal Hell Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition

VARIOUS - Speed Metal Hell Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition ( 1987, Germany )

"Speed Metal Hell" is a compilation album containinh 2LP's with some of Germany's best Heavy Metal bands like: Attila, Savage Grace, Battle Brat, and many others.

Roadrunner Records - RR 9624

VA VARIOUS ARTISTS - Teutonic Invasion Part One

This album contains many early demo tracks (which were not previously released) from bands like Crows, Morgan Le Fay, Minotaur, Paradox, Poison, Violent Force, Warnyng and Xandril.

1987 Netherlands

CBS 463437

Vengeance - Ariaba

VENGEANCE - Ariaba (1989, Holland)

This album Ariaba by the Dutch Heavy Metal band "Vengeance" has been produced by John Sonneveld and released in 1989. It has been recorded at the Bullet Sound Studio and Zeezicht Studio in the Netherlands, Sonneveld was also responsible for the sound recording. The album cover was designed/drawn by Ben Verkaaik and Henk de Jong and the photos on the cover were done by Rens Plachek.

Velvet Underground & Nico - Andy Warhol

Atlantic K 30022
Velvet Underground Live at Max's Kansas City .
Velvet Underground - Live at Max's Kansas City . 1972 USA

Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground self-titled with Nico, Andy Warhol


VENOM Selected LP's Discography

CBS 31840


VIBRATORS - Batteries Included

This album "Batteries Included" is a compilation album of The Vibrators first two albums



Original UK vinyl pressing

Anagram GRAM 002





Rare French Import Pressing

Riot Coty Records ZEM 104

VICE SQUAD - Stand Strong Stand Proud

This the second studio album by Vice Squad. It is the final album to feature the band's original lineup. It was originally released in 1982 by Zonophone, a division of EMI. Although it wasn't released by Riot City Records the band decided to use the Riot City name as it was a label they founded.



Original UK vinyl pressing

Roadrunner RR 9734

Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night

VICIOUS RUMORS - Soldiers of the Night (1985)

Soldiers of the Night is the first full-length album released by "Vicious Rumors"

Metronome 833 380

Victory - Hungry Hearts

VICTORY - Hungry Hearts (1987)

This is the third full-length album by the German Rock band: Victory

Agonia Records ARmlp003


VIDSYN - On Frostbitten Path Beneath 

Limited to 1.000 copies gatefold edition of the mini album.

2005 Poland

Chrysalis 209 119

Vinnnie Vincent Invasion - All Systems Go . Vinnie Vincent Invasion was a heavy metal band formed in 1984 by former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent.

Vinnnie Vincent Invasion - All Systems Go .

Vinnie Vincent Invasion was a heavy metal band formed in 1984 by former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent.

1988 Germany
Vinterriket Im Ambivalenten Zwielicht der Dunkelheit Limited Edition hand-numbered (#/555)
Vinterriket Im Ambivalenten Zwielicht der Dunkelheit Limited Edition hand-numbered (#/555)

Vinterriket Kälte Limited Editon, hand-numbeedr (###/500)

Vinterriket Veiled allusions Limited Edition handnumbered (###/500)    
Vinterriket Winterschatten 3x 7" Limited Edition handnumbered

Virgin Prunes - The moon looked down and laughed


United Artists Records – UAG 30250


  VITESSE - Vitesse ( Self-Titled, Compilation , 1979, UK )

This is a compilation album of the Dutch Prog-Rock band Vitesse, with tracks they recorded before 1979.

EMI Manhattan 12 MT 48
Naked Vixen

Vixen - Edge of a Broken Heart 12" Maxi-Single/EP

Vixen was a Glam Metal band originally from St Paul, Minnesota and later from Los Angeles, California. The Vixen band was mainly active from 1973 until 1991 with a re-surrection around 2001 (after a legal battle over the band's name).

1988 USA
EMI USA 064-792923
VIXEN - Rev it Up
VIXEN - Rev it Up 1990 USA
EMI Manhattan 064.7 46991 1
Vixen - Self-titled 1988 EEC
VOIVOD - Dimension Hatross VOIVOD - Vinyl Records Catalogue
CBS 465241
Voodoo X - Vol 1 The Awakening 1989 EEC

Passport Records PBL 102 , marketed by Pacific Records PLC,

VOW WOW - Live Passport Records 1987


original UK / GB vinyl pressing

Capitol Records ST-12541

Vow Wow - Shock Waves 1987 USA

Virgin / Riff Records 70474
VULCAIN - Big Brothers

VULCAIN - Big Brothers ( 1986 France )

Vulcain is a French hard rock and heavy metal band formed in 1981 by Daniel Puzio (vocals and guitar) and his brother Vincent Puzio (bass). During 1981 the band is joined by Didier Lohezic (guitar) and Franck Vilatte (drums). In the summer of 1981 they recorded their first demo on the private label. In 1983 the band signs up with Ebony records and their track "Vulcain" is released on the compilation album "Metal Plated".

N.E.W Musidisc 100921

VULCAIN - Rock and Roll Secours ( 1988 France )

"Rock and Roll Secours" is the debut (first) album by the French Hard Rock band Vulcain