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RoadrunneR RR 125517

Price 13.99€

EARTHSHAKER - Blondie Girl (1983) Special Price  

This mini-album "Blondie Girl" by the Japanese Heavy Metal band: "Earthshaker" contains two studio tracks ("Blondie GIrl", "I Need The Woman"= and two live tracks ("Earthshaker", "Marionette").The Live tracks have been recorded 17 August 1983 at Shibuya Koukaido.

Roadrunner Records – RR 9858

Price 7.99€

EARTHSHAKER - Fugitive (1984, Netherlands)

RoadrunneR 9809

Price 14.99€

EARTHSHAKER - Midnight Flight (1984, Holland)

"Midnight Flight" is the third album released by the Japanese Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band "Earthshaker". The album was produced by "Masa Itoh". It was recorded from 3 until 17 July at "The Automatt". Sound engineers are "Ken Kessie" and "Ray Pyle". Album design and artwork was done by "Masatgugu "Max" Takahashi".

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8372

Price 29.95€


E.F. Band - One Night Stand Skull (1985, Belgium)

E.F. Band was formed in 1978 in Sweden and moved in 1979 to the , thus taking part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) . "One Night Stand" is their 3rd full-length album and was released in 1985.

Atlantic – SD 19147

Price 7.49€

  ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer - Works Volume 2 ( 1977 , USA )

Soulseller Records – SSR 072

Price 14.45€

ENTRAPMENT - Lamentations Of The Flesh Gatefold Cover (2014)

ENTRAPMENT is a Dutch (Netherlands) Death Metal band from the city of Groningen. "Lamentations of the Flesh" is their 2nd Full Length album.

High Roller Records – HRR 441

Price 12.99€


EVO/ALGY - Damned Unto Death (2015)

Evo (ex-Warfare) and Algy Ward (ex-Tank, ex-Damned, ex-The Saints) join their punk metal forces into this album

Music For Nations MFN 44

Price 34.99€


EXODUS - Bonded By Blood ( 1985 Made in France )New Web-Page 

This album "Bonded By Blood" is the debut/first full-length album by the American Thrash Metal band "Exodus".

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