KREATOR - Terrible Certainty 12" Vinyl LP Album Kreator Terrible Certainty

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Kreator Terrible Certainty 
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Kreator Terrible Certainty

Kreator Terrible Certainty  

Collector's information:
 : Produced by Roy Rowland

Recorded and mixed at Horus Studio, Hannover.

Mastered at Studio Nord, Bremen.

  Roy Rowland aka "Roy Macaroni" Rowland is a sound engineer, who during the 1980s engineered a dozen important heavy metal albums. Some of the bands he has worked for are: Kreator, Lääz Rockit, Onslaught, Rogue Male, Sabbat, Satan and Testament.

Someone famous in

  Horus Sound Studio is located in Hannover, Germany has been the recording and sound mix studio for sound engineers like: Tommy Newton, Jan Nemec, Tommy Hansen. During the 1980s this studio has been used by bands like: Celtic Frost, Helloween, Rage, Sodom, Victory and many others

  Phil Lawvere was a cover illustrator in Berlin and in the early eighties, when thrash metal was born. While working with Karl-Ulrich Walterbach he created album covers for bands such as Celtic Frost  ,  Rage  ,  Kreator  ,  Vendetta ,  Death Row and Helloween .

Uwe "Buffo" Schnädelbach a German Photographer, Editor and Band manager (Tankard). During the 1980s he has photographed a dozen of Heavy Metal bands.

1980's Timeline of album covers with photos by Uwe "Buffo" Schnädelbach:
1986 Possessed By Fire, Exumer
1987 Behind The Mirror (Single), Kreator
1987 Chemical Invasion, Tankard
1987 Terrible Certainty, Kreator
1988 Out Of The Dark... Into The Light (Ep), Kreator
1988 The Morning After, Tankard
1988 Zombie Attack, Tankard
1990 Blind Guardian - Tales From The Twilight World
1990 The Meaning Of Life, Tankard

Music Genre:
Speed Thrash Metal Music 
Album Production:
Album cover design and paintings: Buffo Schnadelbach, Phil Lawvere, L+Z Grafik
Label Information:
Noise Internanational N 0086
Media Format:
12" LP  
Year & Country:
1987 Made in Germany  

Band Members and Musicians on: Kreator Terrible Certainty

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Roberto "Rob" Fioretti - Bass
  • Miland 'Mille' Petrozza - Vocals, Guitars
  • Jürgen 'Ventor' Reil - Drums
  • Jörg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski

Roberto "Rob" Fioretti - Bass player. Chronology
1982-1984 Tormentor (Essen, Germany)
1984-1992 Kreator (Germany)

Miland "Mille" Petrozza , founding member and singer , guitarist with "Kreator" since 1984.

Jörg "Tritze" Trzebiatowski 1986-1989 Kreator

Jürgen 'Ventor' Reil - Drums, Vocals. Chronology:
1982-1984 Tormentor (Essen, Germany)
1984...Today Kreator

Track Listing of: Kreator Terrible Certainty

    Side One:
  1. Blind Faith
  2. Storming with Menace
  3. Terrible Certainty
  4. As the World Burns
    Side Two:
  1. Toxic Trace
  2. No Escape
  3. One of Us
  4. Behind the Mirror


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