Killer SWISS Heavy Metal Discography

  This web-page lists details of the discography of the Swiss Heavy metal band: "Killer" ( not to be confused with the Belgian band with the same name )


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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Bellaphon 260-07-030

KILLER - Ladykiller ( 1981, Germany )

Ladykiller is the first full-length album by the Swiss Heavy Metal / Hard Rock band "Killer".

Vertigo 818 342

KILLER - Stronger Than Ever ( 1983, Switzerland )

"Stronger Than Ever" is the third official full-length album by the Swiss Heavy Metal/Hard Rock band: "Killer". It was produced and engineered by "Mani Neuner".


Vertigo 6367 035

KILLER - Thriller ( 1982, Switzerland )

"Thriller" is the second official full-length album by the Swiss Heavy Metal band "KILLER" it was released in 1982 and the last album with the original Killer-band line-up.

SCRATCH 941310
KILLER - Young Blood

KILLER - Young Blood ( 1986, Germany ) New Web-Page  

After the "Big Crash" when all of the root members left KILLER, guitar player JAN v. CROW attached with a few friends a fourth Album named YOUNG BLOOD. The Sound changed completely! Brilliant guitar parts and a steamhammer drum joined the new powerful voice of MARK B. LAY. This is the last ever official released KILLER Album... until now..!

Mark B Lay is the pseudonym used by Peter McTanner.

  Peter McTanner started his singing career in the "Bloody Six" band, followed by the bands: "Witchcraft", Headhunter , Killer , Krokus and "The Heavy's". He has also been using the pseudo "Mark B Lay"

Hallelujah X 710
KILLER - Young Blood ( 1986, Switzerland ) New Web-Page