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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

RoadrunneR RR 9750

Price 79€

ATTACKER - Battle At Helms Deep (1985, Holland)

"Battle At Helms Deep" is "Attacker's" first (debut) album. This is the version with the original album cover art with the "Green Monster" by Attacker, Steven Carr, and Ken Pontac. Later issues of this album have an album cover with a brownish monster over an open fire (which was most likely the very first album cover design)

Roadracer Records – RO 2406-6

Price 39.99€

SEPULTURA - Arise 12" Maxi ( 1992 The Netherlands ) Special Price    

This album contains three tracks. The track "Arise" was recorded during the European "Arise" tour on 31st May 1991. The tracks "Inner Self" and "Troops Of Doom" have not been previously released.

Mausoleum Records - SKULL 83109

Price 29.99€

WARHEAD (BE) - The Day After ( 1986 Belgium ) Special Price  

WARHEAD'S "The Day After" is their 2nd and final vinyl record.

Goatgrind Records GGR008

Price 9.99€

TENTACLES - Self-Titled (Switzerland) (2010, Switzerland) Special Price  

This is the limited edition (250 copies) of Tentacles self-titled album. This album "TENTACLES - Self-Titled (Switzerland)" is the one and only full length album released by this band.

Polskie Nagrania Metal Muza SX 2932

Price 27.99€

SEPULTURA - Beneath The Remains ( 1989 Poland ) Special Price  

This is the Polish release of album "Beneath the Remains" , which is the third studio album and major label debut by Brazilian thrash metal band Sepultura, released on 7 April 1989. It was recorded during the second half of December 1988 at Nas Nuvens Studio in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

SteamHammer SPV 008 - 76261

Price 49€

SODOM Better Off Dead ( 1990, Germany ) For Sale  

"Better Off Dead" is the 4th album by the German Thrash Metal band: "SODOM". It has been produced by Harris Johns, who was assisted for the sound engineering by Angelo Plate, Thomas Patsch and David Nash. Recording of this album took place at Music Lab Studios, Berlin, while sound mixing was done at Dierks Studio Pulheim, during August until September 1990. It has been released on the Steamhammer record-label in 1990.

Steamhammer Orange SPV 08-7596
Sodom - Agent Orange Testpressing

Price 39€

SODOM - Agent Orange ( 1989, West-Germany ) For Sale  

Sodom's last album with guitarist Frank Blackfire. It was the first thrash metal album to enter the German album charts.

Under One Flag M Flag 13

Price 34.99€

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - The Plague ( 1987, England ) For Sale 

"The Plague" is the second extended play record by the American Thrash Metal band "Nuclear Assault", it was recorded during December 1986 and January 1987. In England it was released on the "Under One Flag" record label.

 Under One Flag 12 FLAG 107

Price 23.99€

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Good Times, Bad Times 12" EP ( 1988, United Kingdom ) For Sale 

The album front cover and the title track have been inspired by "Led Zeppelin's" first self-titled album.

Under One Flag – 12FLAG 105

Price 17.99€

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Fight To Be Free 12" Maxi-Single ( 1988, United Kingdom ) For Sale 

This record "Fight To Be Free" is a limited edition and as a gimmick the album sleeve is a very large post bag.

RoadRunner RR 9835
Mercyful Faith - Don't Break the Oath . "Mercyful Fate" is an influential Danish First Wave of Black Metal group who are often cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres. They are also credited as a pioneering band of the first wave of black metal.

Price 79€

MERCYFUL FATE - Don't Break the Oath . ( 1984, Holland ) For Sale 

"Mercyful Fate" is an influential Danish First Wave of Black Metal group who are often cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres. They are also credited as a pioneering band of the first wave of black metal.

RoadRunner RR 9603
MERCYFUL FATE - The Beginning

Price 34.99€

MERCYFUL FATE - The Beginning (Compilation) ( 1987, Netherlands ) For Sale 

This album is the definitive collector's addition to the Mercyful Fate Catalogue featuring the band's official pre-Melissa recordings - The legendary Rave-On sessions (Fully re-mastered) - The BBC "Friday Rock Show" sessions + Bonus track "Black Masses" from the "Melissa" sessions, never released before on LP.

RoadrunneR RR 9622
King Diamond - Abigail

Price 37.99€

KING DIAMOND - Abigail ( 1987, Netherlands )   For Sale 

Abigail is the second album of King Diamond and is the band's first album to be centred on a story told throughout each of the songs. It was released in 1987 on Roadrunner Records. 

Roadrunner RR 9721


Price 27.99€

KING DIAMOND - Fatal Portrait ( 1985, Netherlands ) For Sale 

Fatal Portrait is the debut album by the heavy metal band KING DIAMOND.

No Remorse Records – NRR 1014

Price 67.99€

For Sale  BLIND GUARDIAN - Tales From The Twilight World 12" Vinyl LP ( 1990, Germany )

"Tales from the Twilight World" is the third official full-length album by the German Power metal band "Blind Guardian". One of the guest musicians is "Kai Hansen" from the bands "Helloween" and "Gamma Ray". "Pieter Sielck" also from "Helloween" has been assistent sound engineer and did some of the backing vocals.

This is the genuine first release of "Tales From The Twilight World" by the German Power Metal band: "Blind Guardian"

 Nuclear Blast – NB 4322-1

Price 24.99€

For Sale  BLIND GUARDIAN - Battalions Of Fear ( Ltd Ed Light Blue )

This album is the imited to 500 light blue LPs with the remixed 2007 / remastered 2018 version of Blind Guardian's debut in gatefold cover

Metal Blade Records RR 9574

SLAYER - Live Undead (AXE)  Slayer recorded this album by playing live to a small audience in a studio as the venue.

Price 19€

For Sale  SLAYER - Live Undead ( Metal Blade with Blood Dripping AXE ) ( 1987, Netherlands )

Collectors note: this release of "Live Undead" has the Metal Blade logo with a blooded Axe. Other release of this album have the Metal Blade logo with a red guitar.

Slayer recorded this album by playing live to a small audience in a studio as the venue.

Tell Tales TTS 1002

Price 9.95€

For Sale   ANTHRAX - Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc Shape ( 1988, UK )

 Vertigo – 824 848-1

Price 14.79€

DIO - Sacred Heart ( 1985, Europe ) For Sale  

"Sacred Heart" is Dio's third studio album. It was released in August 15, 1985.

This album comes with the original custom inner sleeve, which has on one side ( white background colour ) with band photos and credits, the other side of the inner sleeve is black and has lyrics.

US Metal Records US 14

Price 17.99€

DESTINY - Atomic Winter ( 1988, West Germany ) New Item  

"Atom Winter" is the 2nd Full-length album by "Destiny" and is the 1st album with singer "Zenny Hansson". The album was engineered by Ilbert, Chips, Henryk Lipp. Chips is short for "Chips Kiesbye", musician in the Swedish "Sator" band and successful producer of several Swedish rock/metal bands. The drawing on the front cover is by Derek Riggs, known for the album covers and other artwork for "Iron Maiden".

Noise - N0019

Price 32.99€

WARRANT - First Strike ( 1985, Germany ) New Item  

This album "First Strike" by the German Speed Metal band: Warrant , is their first official recording and 6 tracks. The album front cover artwork was done by Phil Lawvere a cover illustrator in Berlin in the early eighties, when thrash metal was born. He created covers for bands such as Celtic Frost, Rage, Kreator, Vendetta, Death Row, and Helloween. The photo of the Warrant band on the back cover was taken by Fred Baumgart . A photographed since the mid-1980's several German Heavy Metal bands, including: Warrant, Ballantinez, Kreator, Rage, Deathrow, Voivod, Tankard.

Polydor – 2491 555

Price 9.99€


DRS. P - Per Pont & Slee ( 1978, Netherlands )

DRS. P ( Heinz Hermann Polzer ) was a Swiss Singer, Musician and song-writer who lived and worked in the Netherlands as of age 3. He was written thousands of songs and poems. This album includes some of his best songs including: Veerpont and "De Zusters Karamazov" and several others.

Roadrunner Records - RR 9880

Price 9.75€

BOW WOW - Hard Dog ( 1983, Netherlands ) Special Price  

"Hard Dog" is "Bow Wow's" first album produced by Touru Yazawa , who also produced the band Alice. "Hard Dog" sets the future musical direction for "Bow Wow"

Roadracer RO 9504

Price 21.99€

DEFIANCE - Product of Society ( 1988, Netherlands ) New Item  

is the debut album by the American thrash metal band Defiance. It was released in 1989 on Roadracer Records. It was the only album by Defiance to feature Ken Elkington on vocals and had cover art by Ed Repka.

RoadRunner RR 9761

Price 9.40€

Special Price  HATRIK - The Beast (1985)

This record was cut by Mastering engineer: Maarten de Boer, who was the vinyl mastering engineer at The Masters, Netherlands. (formerly Holland Cutting Room).

Epic – EPC 85930

Price 14.99€

MICHAEL JACKSON - Thriller ( 1982, Netherlands ) For Sale 

THRILLER is the 1982 success album by Michael Jackson, which sold world-wide over 66 million copies.

CBS – S 63107

Price 8.99€

THE BYRDS - Greatest Hits ( 1971, Netherlands ) For Sale  

This is the first Dutch release of "The BYRDS - Greatest Hits" and the record label has a solid Orange colour and the CBS "Walking Eye" Company Logo. Later issues of the Dutch release have an orange to yellow colour grading on the label.

Apple Records – 5C 062-05987, 1A 062-05987

Price 6.99€

JOHN LENNON AND THE PLASTIC ONO BAND - Shaved Fish ( 1975 , Netherlands ) For Sale 

"Shaved Fish" is the 1975 released compilation album of songs by John Lennen and the Plastic Ono Band. It includes some of John Lennon^s best songs like: Imagine, Give Peace a Chance, Cold Turkey, Power to the People. and others.</p>

Vertigo – 6359 109

Price 14.99€

DIRE STRAITS - Love Over Gold OIS ( 1982 , Netherlands ) For Sale  

This is the Dutch Edition of Dire Straits 4th full-length album "Love Over Gold". This Dutch release has black record label with Vertigo "mushrooms" logo and with white lettering. Other release may have an orange label with black lettering.

Bellaphon / Fantasy / Galaxy BLPS 19017

Price 7€


This is the German release of "Pendulum" , the sixth album by the "Creedence Clearwater Revival", released in 1970 (see 1970 in music). It was also the final Creedence album with rhythm guitarist Tom Fogerty who left the group shortly after this album was released. The group continued as a trio.

Atlantic ATL 50 001

Price 7€

For Sale   CROSBY STILL NASH & YOUNG - Deja Vu ( 1970, Germany )

This album "CROSBY STILLS NASH YOUNG - Deja Vu UK Gatefold" Déjà Vu is the first album by the rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and the second by the trio configuration of Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

This is the German edition of the 1970 album "Deja Vu" by "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" and it comes in a laminated gatefold album cover.

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